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A note from the author:
When this book on Peter Harrison was first conceived, I envisioned it being accompanied by approximately 1,000 line illustrations drawn by me. For several reasons, this turned out to be problematic so I hit upon the solution of publishing them on this website.

Two characteristics of the website may be of particular interest to visitors. First, if further Harrison information comes to light, it can be displayed here. Second, I am working on three additional architectural history books, whose illustrations can also be posted. One will cover Governor Francis Nicholson (1655-1728) and some of his contemporaries working in America; another will cover Elizabeth Lady Wilbraham (1632-1705), the world’s first woman architect and Christopher Wren’s teacher; the third will cover Hans Hendrik van Paesschen (ca. 1515-1582), whom some have called “the Northern Palladio.” Along with Harrison, these people comprise four of the most important but hitherto unrecognized figures in Western architectural history.