Historic Architecture

Cataloguing the Work of Colonial Era Architects…

List of over 400 Buildings Attributable to PETER HARRISON (1716-1775)

Great Britain
Saints Peter & Paul Church, Blandford Forum, Dorset, 1734, alt (John & William Bastard builders)
Saint Mary’s Church, Ealing, Middlesex, 1735, d 1866 (James Horne builder)
All Saints’ Church, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, 1736 (Francis Smith builder)
Saint Mary’s Church, Monmouth, Wales, 1736 (Francis Smith builder)
Saint Bartholomew’s Church, Norton-le-Moors, Staffordshire, 1736, alt (Francis Smith builder)
Christ Church, Southwark, London, 1738, d 1941 (James Horne builder)
Saint Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Glasgow, 1739 (Allan Dreghorn builder)
Saint Katherine Coleman Church, London, 1739, d 1925 (James Horne builder)
Saint Peter’s Church, Congleton, Cheshire, 1741
Interior, Foundling Hospital Chapel, London, 1742, d 1926 (with Theodore Jacobsen & J. Horne)
Saint Bartholomew’s Chapel, Bretton, Yorkshire, 1743
Rebuilding of Saint John’s Church, Smith Square, London, 1744, alt (James Horne builder)
Saint John’s Church,Hampstead, London, 1745, alt (James Horne & John Sanderson builders)
Saint Thomas’ Church, Liverpool, 1747, d 1905 (Henry Sephton builder) – with an extra-tall steeple (never completed) intended to be seen by ships far out to sea as a navigation mark
Saint Nicholas’ Church, Warwick, 1748, alt (William & David Hiorne builders)
Holy Trinity Church, Guildford, Surrey, 1749 (James Horne builder)
Saint Bartholomew’s Church, Birmingham, 1749, d 1935 (William & David Hiorne builders)
Saint Julian’s Church, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, 1749, alt (Thomas Pritchard builder)
Saint Mary’s Church, Islington, London, 1750, alt (Lancelot Dowbiggin builder)
Holy Cross Church, Daventry, Northamptonshire, 1752 (William & David Hiorne builders)
Saint Luke’s Chapel, Haslar, Gosport, Hampshire, 1752 (with Theodore Jacobsen and James Horne)
Colegate Octagon Presbyterian Chapel, Norwich, 1753 (Thomas Ivory builder)
Saint Mary’s Church, Great Houghton, Northamptonshire, 1754 (William & David Hiorne builders)
Saint John’s Church, Wolverhampton, 1755 (William Baker & Thomas Pritchard builders)
Saint Mary’s Church, Manchester, 1756, d 1854 (Timothy Lightoler builder)
Saint Paul’s Church, Liverpool, 1761, d 1931 (Timothy Lightoler builder)
Saint John’s Church, Liverpool, 1763, d 1899 (Timothy Lightoler builder)
Saint Leonard’s Church, Over Whitacre, Warwickshire, 1766 (Francis Hiorne builder)
Interior, Saint Martin’s Church, Worcester, 1766 (Anthony Keck builder)
Saint Bartholomew’s Church, Tardebigge, Worcestershire, 1775 (Francis Hiorne builder)
Saints Peter & Paul Church, Buckingham, 1775, alt (Francis Hiorne builder)
Saint Paul’s Chapel, Birmingham, 1775, alt (Francis Hiorne & Roger Eykyn builders)
Project for Saint Mary’s Church, Battersea, London, 1775 alt (John Dixon builder)
Project for Saint Swithin’s Church, Bath, 1775, alt (Thomas Jelly & John Palmer builders)
Butter Market, Pontefract, West Yorkshire, 1734, alt (with William Etty)
Town Hall/Market, Blandford Forum, Dorset, 1734 (John & William Bastard builders)
Town Hall/Market, Glasgow, 1736, d 1911 (Allan Dreghorn builder)
Interior, Assembly Rooms, Lincoln, 1743 (Abraham Hayward builder)
Wandesford Almshouses, York, 1743
Town Hall/Market Project, Bridport, Dorset, 1740s for J. & W. Bastard (William Tyler builder 1786)
Town Hall/Market, Christchurch, Dorset, 1745 (John & William Bastard builders)
Market Cross, Barnard Castle Town, County Durham, 1747
Town Hall/Market/Exchange project, Liverpool, 1747 (built 1749 to enlarged design by John Wood I architect) alt; the shipping merchants of Liverpool were showing Harrison their gratitude for his having saved the British Empire from almost certain capture by the French in the late war.
Ironmongers Hall, London, 1748 for Alderman Beckford, d 1917 (Thomas Holden builder)
Ann Routh’s Hospital Almshouses, Beverley, Yorkshire, 1749 (with J. Moyser)
Physicians Hall, Edinburgh, designed 1750, built 1775, d 1843 (James Craig builder)
The University Library/Old Schools Building, Cambridge, 1753 for Prime Minister Pelham (Stephen Wright builder)
Fisher Building, Balliol College, Oxford, 1753-1767 for Prime Minister Pelham, alt (Henry Keene builder)
Project for first British Museum, London, 1753 (John Vardy builder)
Derby County Gaol, Derby, 1755, alt 1823 (William & David Hiorne builders)
Town Hall/Market, Maidstone, Kent, 1762, alt (__ Hoare, builder)
Assembly Rooms, Derby, 1762, d 1963 for Admiral Washington Shirley Earl Ferrers (Joseph Pickford builder)
Custom House, Lancaster, 1764 (Richard Gillow builder)
2 Projects for Town Hall/Guildhall, Bath, 1765 (Timothy Lightoler & Thomas Baldwin builders)
Town Hall, Stratford-upon-Avon, 1767, alt (Timothy Lightoler builder)
Project for Hollis Hospital, Sheffield, West Yorkshire, 1769, d 1901 (with John Carr)
Wentworth-Woodhouse, Rotherham, Yorkshire, 1733, alt (Ralph Tunnicliffe & Henry Flitcroft builders). This 606-foot house was 17-year-old Harrison’s first-ever design, drawn as an academic exercise set by family friend William Watson-Wentworth, Marquess of Rockingham (later twice Prime Minister).
Nostell Priory, near Wakefield, W. Yorkshire, 1737, for Sir Rowland Winn, Baronet, alt (with J. Moyser. James Paine builder)
Evenley Hall, Brackley, Northamptonshire, 1738, alt
Kelly House, Lifton, Devon, 1742, alt (Abraham Rundle builder)
Woodall House Addition for Daniel Campbell, Lanarkshire, 1740
Ormesby Hall, near Middlesbrough, Yorkshire, 1742, alt (with J. Moyser)
Henry Maisters House, Hull, 1743 (Joseph Page builder)
Micklegate House, 88-90 Micklegate, York, 1740s
Barker-Fairfax House, York, 1740s, alt
53-55 Micklegate, York, 1740s
Peasholme House, York, 1740s
18-19 Colliergate, York, 1740s
Interior, 3-7 New Street, York, 1740s
Hugh Blaydes House, Hull, 1740s (Joseph Page builder)
9-12 King Street, Hull, 1740s (Joseph Page builder)
John Yeoman House, Whitby, 1740s
47 Flowergate, Whitby, 1740s
5 Marine Parade, Whitby, 1740s
Part of Wolverley House, Kidderminster, Worcestershire, 1740s (William & David Hiorne builders)
House, Blandford Forum, Dorset, 1740s, alt (John & William Bastard builders)
Pair of giant Stable Blocks, Temple Newsam, Leeds, 1748, alt (Daniel Garrett builder)
Rebuilding Etherington House, Hull, 1750, d 1947 (Joseph Page builder)
Dependencies, Gopsall Hall, Leicestershire, ca. 1750, d (David & William Hiorne builders)
Allan Dreghorn House, Glasgow, 1752, d 1976 (Allan Dreghorn builder)
Foots Cray Place & Stables, Bexley, Kent for elected London Sheriff Bourchier Cleeve, 1753, d 1950 (Daniel Garrett & Matthew Brettingham II builders)
Fonthill Splendens, Wiltshire for Alderman William Beckford, 1755, d 1807 (__ Hoare builder)
Spencer House, Green Park, London, 1756, alt (John Vardy builder)
Standen Hall, Lancashire, 1757, for John Aspinall (Timothy Lighter builder)
Southeast wing, Wentworth Castle, Yorkshire, 1759, for William Wentworth 2nd Earl of Strafford (John Platt & Charles Ross builders)
Foremarke Hall, Derbyshire, 1759, for Francis Burdett, alt (William Hiorne builder)
Rebuilding of Staunton Harold Hall, Leicestershire, 1762 for Admiral Washington Shirley Earl Ferrers.
Saint Helen’s House, Derby, 1763 for Alderman John Gisborne (Joseph Pickford builder)

Saint Peter’s Church, Drogheda, Co. Louth, 1748, alt
Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist, Cashel, Co. Tipperary, 1748, alt
Saint Thomas’ Church, Dublin, 1758, d 1922 (John Smyth builder)
Saint Catherine’s Church, Dublin, 1769, alt (John Smyth builder)
Saint John the Evangelist Church, Dublin, 1769 d 19th century (George Ensor builder)
Archbishop Arthur Smyth Monument, Dublin, 1771 (John van Nost II & John Smyth builders)
Saint Anne’s Church, Belfast, 1774, d 1903 (Francis Hiorne builder)
Custom House, Newry, Co. Down, 1747, d 19th century
Project to rebuild Custom House, Dublin, 1748
Saint Patrick’s Mental Hospital, Dublin, 1748, alt (George Semple builder) [Archbishop Arthur Price patron]
Charter School, Clontarf, Dublin, 1748, d 19th century [Archbishop Arthur Price patron]
Ranelagh Charter School, Athlone, Co. Westmeath, 1748, d 19th century [Archbishop Arthur Price patron]
Ranelagh Charter School, Roscommon, 1748, d 19th century (George Ensor builder) [Archbishop Price patron]
Saint John the Baptist’s Charter School, Cashel, Co. Tipperary, 1748, d 19th century [Archbishop Price patron]
Charter School, Newport, Co. Tipperary, 1748, d. 19th century [Archbishop Arthur Price patron]
Charter School, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, 1748, alt [Archbishop Arthur Price patron]
Charter School, Innishannon, Co. Cork, 1748, d 19th century [Archbishop Arthur Price patron]
Charter School, Kinsale, Co. Cork, 1748, d 19th century [Archbishop Arthur Price patron]
Charter School, Dunmanway, Co. Cork, 1748, d 19th century [Archbishop Arthur Price patron]
Charter School, Castlemartyr, Co. Cork, 1748, d 2000 [Archbishop Arthur Price patron]
Charter School, Charleville, Co. Cork, 1748, d 19th century [Archbishop Arthur Price patron]
Part of Wilson’s [Charter] School, Multifarnham, Co. Westmeath, 1748[Archbishop Arthur Price patron]
Bedford Tower, Dublin Castle for George II, ca.1750 (Arthur Nevill builder)
Lying-in/Rotunda Hospital, Dublin, 1754 (John Ensor builder) [Archbishop Arthur Price patron]
Old Dining Hall, Trinity College, Dublin, 1750s (John Smyth builder) [Archbishop Arthur Price patron]
Provost’s House, Trinity College, Dublin, 1758 (John Smyth builder) [Archbishop Arthur Price patron]
Market/Town Hall/Court House/Tholsel, Drogheda, Co. Louth, 1764 (George Darley builder)
Lady Anne’s Temple, Castle Ward, Downpatrick, for Bernard Ward Lord Bangor, 1748
Stratford Lodge & Gazebo, Baltinglass, Co. Wicklow, 1740s, d
Moira House, Dublin, 1752, d (John Ensor builder)
Castle Ward House and carriage house for Bernard Ward Lord Bangor, Downpatrick, 1760

Steeple, Saint Giles’ Aegidien Church, Hannover, Germany for George II, 1748, d 1944
Library, Georg-August University, Gottingen, Germany for George II, 1747, enlarged 1764, d 1944
Holy Trinity Church, Gibraltar, 1740(Engineer Colonel Pilkington builder)
2 Projects for Holy Trinity Church, Gibraltar, late 1730s (part built at Saint Paul’s Church, Malta 1839)
Main Guard House, Gibraltar, 1740
Project for English Merchant’s Palazzo on Grand Canal, Venice, Italy 1737
English Merchant’s Palazzo, Livorno, Italy, 1743, d

Hudson’s Bay
Cape Merry Battery, Fort Prince of Wales, 1748

Saint John’s Church, Saint John’s, 1759, d 19th century
Christ Church, Harbour Grace, 1764, d 1816
Statehouse (3 designs), Saint John’s 1749, built 1849, d 19th century

Chief Joseph Brant’s House, Burlington, 1770s, built 1780s, alt
Saint Paul’s Mohawk Chapel, Brantford, 1770s, built 1780s, alt
Osgoode Hall, Toronto (from Nova Scotia), 1749, built 1829 (John Ewart builder)

Rebuilding Jesuit Church, Montreal 1754, d 1803
Christ Church (Anglican), Montreal 1760s, built 1803, d 1856 (William Berczy builder)
Part of Ursuline Convent, Trois Rivieres, 1742
Recollet Chapel, now Saint James’ Church, Trois Rivieres, 1742
Holy Trinity Anglican Cathedral, Quebec City 1760s, built 1800
Rebuilding Jesuit College, Quebec City, 1742, d 19th century
Statehouse/Courthouse Project, Quebec City, 1760s, built 1799, d 1873
Statehouse/Courthouse Project, Montreal,1760s, built 1799, d 1844
Haldimand/Kent House, Montmorency (from Florida) 1760s, built 1778, alt
Project for rebuilding Chateau Saint-Louis, Quebec City, 1742, d 1760
Project for rebuilding Intendant’s Palace, Quebec City, 1742, d 1760
Project for unidentified Building, Montreal, 1742 d
William Powell House, Montreal (from Massachusetts), 1770s, built 1780s, alt

Nova Scotia
Frederic Gate/Watergate, Louisbourg, 1742 (Etienne Verrier builder/architect)
Possible project for steeples on parish church, Louisbourg, 1744 (Etienne Verrier builder)
Saint Paul’s Church, Halifax, 1749 alt
Project for Christ Church, Shelburne (from Virginia), 1772, built 1788 d 1873 (Isaac Hildreth builder)
Governor JohnWentworth Mansion, Halifax (from Virginia), 1772, built 1798 (Isaac Hildreth builder)
Statehouse, Halifax alt (3 designs), 1749, built 1811 (John Merrick & Richard Scott builders)Statehouse, Halifax, 2nd design, 1749, built 1797 Saint John, New Brunswick, d 1824
Statehouse, Halifax, 3rd design, 1749, built Toronto, Ontario 1829
Dockyard Commissioner’s House, Halifax, 1763, built 1790, d 19th century
Project for Dockyard Officers’ Residence, Halifax, 1763, built 1793 d 19th century
Project for King’s College, Windsor (from Virginia), 1772, built 1790 d 1920 (Isaac Hildreth builder)

Saint John’s Island/Prince Edward Island
Governor Walter Patterson Mansion, Charlottetown, ca.1770, d 19th century

New Brunswick
Greenock Presbyterian Church, Saint Andrews (from NJ), 1770s, built 1817
Trinity Church, Saint John (from NY), 1770s, built 1788, d 1877
Christ Church, Frederickton (from NH), 1770, built 1787, d 1853
Gov. Thomas Carleton Mansion, Frederickton (from NH), 1770, built 1785, d 1825
Statehouse, Frederickton (from NH), 1770, built 1799, d 1880 (R. Smith & F MacBeath builders)
Courthouse, Saint John (from Nova Scotia), 1749, built 1797, d 1824
Project for College, Frederickton (from NH), 1770, built 1824, alt

Maine/New Ireland
Saint Paul’s Church, Falmouth/Portland, 1764, d 1775
Saint Anne’s Church, Gardiner, 1770, d 1793
Lady Pepperrell Mansion, Kittery, 1759

New Hampshire and Vermont
Union Church, Claremont, 1773, alt
Governor J.Wentworth Mansion, Wolfeborough, 1769 d 19th century
Mantelpiece, Gov. B. Wentworth House, Little Harbor/Portsmouth, 1740s
Dartmouth College, Hanover, 1770, built 1784
Dartmouth College Chapel, Hanover, 1770, built Fredericton, New Brunswick 1787, d 1853
Dartmouth College President’s House, Hanover, 1770, built Fredericton, New Brunswick 1785, d 1825
Dartmouth College Classroom Building, Hanover, 1770, built Fredericton, New Brunswick 1799, d 1880
Dartmouth College Dormitory, Hanover, 1770, built Fredericton, New Brunswick, 1824, alt
Lighthouse, Portsmouth, 1771, d 1804
College Project (University of Vermont), Burlington, 1769, built 1807, d 1824
Assembly Rooms, Portsmouth, 1772, d 19th century (Michael Whiddon III builder) – no picture
Wentworth-Gardner House, Portsmouth, 1760
Unidentified Mansion & Gazebo d (probably Vermont), 1770s

Steeple, Christ Church, Boston, 1738
Holden Chapel, Harvard College, Cambridge, 1742
Porch, Brick Meeting House, Boston, 1740s, d 19th century
King’s Chapel, Boston. 1748
Steeple, First Religious Society, Newburyport, 1754, built 1801
Pulpit, First Congregational Meeting House, Ipswich, 1750s (Abraham Knowlton builder)
Christ Church, Cambridge 1759, alt
Brattle Congregational Church, Boston, 1771, d 1874
Steeple, Congregational Church, Charlestown, 1770s, built 1799, d 19th century (Charles Bulfinch builder-architect)
Faneuil Hall Market I, Boston, 1740, d 1761 (Samuel Ruggles, Joshua Blanchard, John Smibert builders)
Unquity House & Stables (Gov. Hutchinson country house), Milton, 1743, d 1940s
Gov. William Shirley Mansion “Shirley Place,” Stables & Bridge, Roxbury, 1746, alt
Rebuilding of Statehouse, Boston, 1747
Faneuil Hall Market II, Boston, 1761, alt 1805
Hollis Hall, Harvard College, Cambridge, 1762
Harvard Hall II, Harvard College, Cambridge, 1764 alt
Suffolk County Courthouse, Boston, 1767, d 1810
William Browne Mansion, near Salem, 1743, d 1845
Part of Royall House & Gazebo, Medford, 1746
Enlargement of Peter Faneuil II House, Boston, 1746, d
Green Bottle Tavern, Salem, 1746, d 19th century
Joseph Cabot House, Salem, 1748
Benjamin Pickman House, Salem, 1750, d 19th century
Sir Harry Frankland House, Hopkinton, 1751, d 1857
Michael Dalton House, Newburyport, 1750s
Robert “King” Hooper House, Marblehead, 1750s
Orchard Farm/The Lindens, Robert “King” Hooper Country House, Danvers, 1754 (moved to Washington DC 1934)
Major John Pedrick House, Marblehead, 1756
Jonathan Mansfield House, Salem, 1758, d 20th century
Rev. East Apthorp House, Cambridge, 1759, alt
Colonel John Vassall-Craigie-Longfellow House, Cambridge, 1759, alt
Morse House, Charlestown, ca. 1760, d 19th century
George Crowninshield House, Salem, ca. 1760, d 1818
James Gardner House, Boston, 1762, d 19th century
James Apthorp House, Brighton, 1763, d 19th century
Judge Moses Gill House, Princeton, 1766, d 1820
Pineapple Doorway, Captain Thomas Poynton House Salem, ca.1760 alt (moved to Peabody-Essex-Museum)
Timothy Orne House, Salem, 1761, d before 1913
Richard Lechmere House, Cambridge, 1761, alt
Thomas Hancock Stables, Boston, 1768, d 19th century
Jeremiah Lee Mansion, Marblehead, 1768
Jonathan Jackson House, Newburyport, 1771
Unidentified Mansion, Boston, 1770s, d
William Powell House, 1770s, built Montreal, Canada 1780s
Benjamin Tupper House, Chesterfield, 1770s, built Marietta, Ohio ca. 1794, d 19th century

Rhode Island
Steeple & enlargement, Trinity Church, Newport, 1740s and 1762
Narragansett Indian Chapel, Charlestown, ca. 1750, alt
Saint John’s Freemasons Hall, Newport, 1759, alt
Synagogue Jeshuat Israel (“Touro”), Newport, 1759
First Baptist Meeting House, Providence, 1774
Folly/Astronomical Observatory, Newport, ca. 1740, rebuilt 1769, ruinous
Fort George Project, Goat Island, Newport, 1745 & 1755, d
Redwood Library Project I, Newport, 1747
Redwood Library, Newport, 1748, alt
Beavertail Lighthouse I, Conanicut Island, 1749, d 1753
Beavertail Lighthouse II, Conanicut Island, 1753, d 1856
King Tom Ninigret Narragansett Indian Palace, Charlestown, 1757 d
Brick Market, Newport, 1759
Project for alternative Brick Market, 1759
Statehouse Project, Providence, 1762
Kent County Courthouse, East Greenwich, 1762, built ca. 1790
The College (Brown Univ.), Providence, and taller alternative project, 1769
Leamington Farm (Harrison House), Newport, 1746, alt
Matthew Cozzens House, Middletown, 1748, d 1949
Abraham Redwood Gazebo, Newport, ?1748, moved
French-style Mantelpiece, Malbone Townhouse, Newport, 1749
John Banister Country House, Middletown, 1756, d 1956
Metcalf Bowler-Vernon House, Newport, 1758
Francis Malbone House, Newport, 1758
John Tillinghast House, Newport, 1760, alt
Peter Buliod House, Newport, ca. 1760
Abraham Redwood House, Newport, 1760s, alt
Aaron Lopez House, Newport, 1760s, d 1960souse, Newport
S. T. Gore House, Newport, ca. 1770 d
Metcalf Bowler Summer House, Portsmouth ca. 1760, d – no picture
Front door, Pitt’s Head Tavern, Newport

Christ Church, Middletown, 1747, d 19th century
Christ Church, Norwich, 1750, d 19th century
Steeple, First Congregational Meeting House, Wethersfield ca. 1760
Trinity Church, Brooklyn, 1771
Steeple, First Congregational Church, East Haven, 1774
Project for Connecticut Hall, Yale College, New Haven, 1750s
Custom House/Market, New Haven, ca. 1759, d 1775
Project for Statehouse, New Haven, 1763, d 19th century
William Morgan House, Norwich, 1747, alt
Winthrop House, New London, 1752, d 1892
Rebuilding of Doolittle House, New Haven, ca. 1770, d
Benedict Arnold House, New Haven, 1770, d 19th century

New York
Saint George’s Chapel, New York, 1748, d 19th century
Saint George’s Church, Schenectady, 1759, alt
Saint Paul’s Chapel, New York, 1764, alt
Brick Presbyterian Church, New York, 1766, d 1857 (John McComb builder)
North Dutch Reformed Church, New York, 1767, d 1875 (Andrew Breested & John Stagg builders)
First Presbyterian Church, Wall Street, New York, 1768, d 1844
Indian Castle Mohawk Church, Little Falls, 1769, alt (John David Muller builder)
Saint Paul’s Mohawk Chapel, ca. 1770, built Brantford, Ontario 1780s, alt
Saint John’s Church, Johnstown, 1771, d 1836 (Samuel Fuller builder)
Saint John’s Chapel, New York, 1770s, built 1802, d 1918 (John McComb builder)
Project for Saint John’s Chapel, New York, 1770s, built 1788 as Trinity Church, Saint John, New Brunswick, d 1877
Project I for [Gothick] Trinity Church, New York, 1770s, built 1788, d 1839
Project II for [Gothick] Trinity Church, New York, 1770s, built 1822 as 1st Colored Presbyterian Church, d 19th century
Moravian Church, New York, 1770s, built 1829, d 1845
Governor’s Mansion, Governor’s Island, ca.1748
King’s College (Columbia University), New York, 1754 d 1857
Fort Ontario I, Oswego, 1755, d
Fort Ontario II, Oswego, 1758, alt
New Gaol/Jail/Provost Prison, New York, 1758, d 20th century
Fort Crown Point, Lake Champlain, 1759, ruinous since 1777
John Street Douglass-Hallam Theatre, New York, 1765, d 1798
Erasmus Hall School, Flatbush, Brooklyn, 1766, built 1786 (from New Jersey)
Lighthouse, Montauk Point, 1770s, built 1797 (John McComb builder)
Park Theatre, New York, 1770s, built 1795 d 1848 (John McComb builder)
Project for Park Theatre, New York, 1770s, built 1806 as Orleans Theatre, New Orleans, d 1816
Admiral Sir Peter Warren House “Greenwich Farm,” New York, 1746, d 1865
Unidentified New York House I, ca.1748, d
Nicholas Stuyvesant House, New York, ca. 1750, d 19th century
Thomas Jones House “Mount Pitt,” New York, 1762, d 19th century
Johnson Hall, Johnstown, 1763 (Samuel Fuller builder)
Charles Ward Apthorp House, New York, 1764, d 1892 (John Edward Pryor builder)
Guy Park, Amsterdam, 1766
Abraham Mortier House “Richmond Hill,” New York, 1767, d 1913
Unidentified New York House II, 1770s d
Dexter House, Albany, 1770s, d
Chief Joseph Brant House, 1770s, built Burlington, Ontario, 1780s, alt

New Jersey
First Presbyterian Church, Springfield, 1761, alt
Steeple, Christ Church, New Brunswick, 1773
First Presbyterian Church, Elizabeth, 1775, alt 1946
First Presbyterian Church, Newark, 1775 (Eleazar Ball builder)
Queen’s College (Rutgers Univ.), New Brunswick, 1766, built 1807 (John McComb builder), alt
Project II for Queen’s College, New Brunswick, 1766, built 1786 as Erasmus Hall School, Brooklyn, New York
Lighthouse, Sandy Hook, 1764 (Isaac Conro builder)
Statehouse, Trenton, 1770s, built 1792 (Jonathan Doane builder) (from Pennsylvania)

Pennsylvania & Ohio
Steeple, Christ Church, Philadelphia, 1745, built 1752 (Robert Smith builder-architect)
Saint James’ Church, Lancaster, 1746, d 1818
Steeple, Second Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, ca. 1750, d 1809
Holy Trinity German Lutheran Church, Lancaster, 1761 (Johannes Grosch builder), alt
Rebuilding First Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, 1770s, built 1793 (John Trumbull builder), d 1820
Project for College Chapel/Saint Thomas’ Church, Philadelphia, 1770s, built 1792, d 19th century
Fort Pitt, Pittsburgh, 1755, built 1758, d 1791
Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphia, 1755 (Samuel Rhoads, Robert Smith, David Evans I & II builders)
Fort Bedford, Raystown, 1758, d 1770s
Southwark Douglass-Hallam Theatre, Philadelphia, 1766, d 1912
First Bank of the United States, Philadelphia, 1770, built 1795 (from Maryland)
Governor John Penn’s Mansion “Lansdowne,” Philadelphia, 1773, d 1854
Large Project for College, Philadelphia, 1770s, built 1792 as Statehouse, Trenton, NJ alt (Jonathan Doane builder)
Medium Project for College, Philadelphia, 1770s, built 1788 as Episcopal Academy, d 19th century
Small Project for College, Philadelphia, 1770s, built 1787 as County Courthouse & City Hall
Project for College Library, Philadelphia, 1770s, built1789 for Library Company, d 19th century, rebuilt 1954 for American Philosophical Society
Chestnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, 1770s, built 1791, d 1913
Bush Hill House & Orangery, near Philadelphia, for Andrew Hamilton, 1738 d 19th century
Walnut Grove, near Philadelphia, for Joseph Wharton, 1738, d 1852
Loxley Country House, near Philadelphia, ?1738, d 19th century
John Kinsey House/James Pemberton’s Plantation, Philadelphia, 1738, d 1829
William Peters House “Belmont,” Philadelphia, 1738 alt
The Rev. Jacob Duche House, Philadelphia, ca. 1760, d ca. 1830
Benjamin Tupper-Nahum Ward House, Marietta, Ohio, 1770s (from Massachusetts), d 19th century

Academy, New Castle, 1772 alt

St. Thomas’ Manor Jesuit Mission, Port Tobacco, 1741 alt
Saint Ignatius’ Jesuit Chapel, Port Tobacco, 1741 d 1798
Governor Samuel Ogle Mansion “Belair,” Bowie, 1742, alt
Governor Thomas Bladen Mansion, Annapolis, 1742, alt, now McDowell Hall, Saint John’s College
Rebuilding of Gov. Robert Eden’s Mansion, Annapolis, 1769, d 1902 (Robert Key & William Noke builders)
Small Statehouse Project, Annapolis, 1770, built 1795 as United States Bank, Philadelphia, (James Hoban builder)
Small-Medium Statehouse Project, Annapolis, 1770, built (alt) ca.1790 as Statehouse, Columbia SC, d.1865 (James Hoban builder)
Medium Statehouse Project, Annapolis, 1770, built 1795 as Assembly Rooms, Baltimore, d 1873 (Nicholas Rogers builder)
Medium-Large Statehouse Project, Annapolis, 1770, built as United States Hotel/Blodget’s Hotel, Washington DC, d 1836 (James Hoban builder)
Large Statehouse Project, Annapolis, 1770, built (alt) as United States Capitol, Washington DC (Dr. William Thornton & Stephen/Etienne Hallet builders)
Douglass-Hallam Theatre, Annapolis, 1769, d 19th century (Robert Key builder)
Frederick County Court House, Frederick, ca. 1772, alt
Project for Maryland College, Annapolis, ca. 1772
Darnall House “Poplar Hill/His Lordship’s Kindness,” Clinton, 1738, alt
Daniel Dulaney House, Annapolis, 1738, d ca. 1880
Compton Bassett Hall, Upper Marlborough, 1738
James Waldrop House “Darnall’s Chance,” Upper Marlborough, 1742, alt
Bohemia/Millington Hall, for Colonel John Baldwin, Cecil County, 1745
Peregrine Ward House “Greenfields,” Cecil County, 1760s
Project for Edward Lloyd IV Plantation House, 1771
Maryland Inn, Annapolis, ca. 1774, alt
Ridout Tenements, Annapolis, 1774

Walke Chapel, Kempsville, Virginia Beach, 1772, d late 18th century (Isaac Hildreth builder)Alternate project, Walke Chapel, Kempsville, 1772, built 1788 as Christ Church, Shelburne, Nova Scotia, d 1873 (Isaac Hildreth builder)
Steeple, Trinity Church, Portsmouth, 1772 d 19th century
Freemasons’ Hall (Large design), Norfolk, 1760s d 1775
Freemasons’ Hall (Small design), Norfolk, 1760s, built 1785 at Richmond
Rebuilding of Statehouse, Williamsburg, 1747 d early 19th century
Market Building, Williamsburg (3 projects), 1756, d late 18th century
Market/Town Hall, Fredericksburg, 1763, d 1816
Courthouse (Small design), Norfolk, 1765, d 19th century
Courthouse (Large design), Norfolk, 1765, built (alt) 1766 Gloucester County
Lighthouse, Cape Henry, ca. 1772, built 1790 (John McComb builder)
Project for Virginia College, Kempsville, 1772, d 1775 (Isaac Hildreth builder), parts repeated in Nova Scotia: King’s College, Windsor, 1790, d 1920, and Governor’s Mansion, Halifax, 1798
Project for Virginia College Campus Kempsville
Project for Transylvania [Kentucky] Courthouse/Statehouse, Frankfort, 1774, built 1793, d 1813
Project for Transylvania [Kentucky] Governor’s Mansion, built 1798 as Blennerhassett Manor, Parkersburg WV, d 1811, reproduction built 20th century
Project for Transylvania College, Lexington KY, 1774, built 1816, d 1829 (Matthew Kennedy builder)
Stratford Hall Plantation, Stratford, for Thomas Lee, 1738
John Robinson Plantation House “Pleasant Hill,” King & Queen County, ca. 1745, d 19th century
Battersea Plantation House, for John Banister, Petersburg, ca. 1765, alt
Nanzatico Plantation House, for Charles Carter, King George County, 1767

North Carolina
Saint Philip’s Church, Brunswick, 1741, ruins since 1865
Market/Courthouse, Wilmington, 1738 d 19th century
Market/Courthouse, Campbellton/Fayetteville, ca. 1770, d 1831
Maynard/Hilton/Harnett Plantation House, Wilmington, 1740s, d 19th century

South Carolina
Saint Michael’s Church, Charleston, 1751, alt (Samuel Cardy builder)
Prince William’s Church, Sheldon, 1751, in ruins since 1860s
Steeple, Saint George’s Church, Dorchester, 1750s, in ruins since 1820
Synagogue Beth Elohim, Charleston, 1770s, built (alt) 1791, d 1838
Rebuilding of Governor James Glen Mansion, Charleston, 1738, alt
Statehouse, Charleston, 1753 alt
Church Street Douglass-Hallam Theatre, 1762, d 1782
Guardhouse/Watch-house, Charleston, 1766, d 19th century (William Rigby Naylor builder)
Exchange, Charleston, 1767, altered in construction (William Rigby Naylor builder)
President’s House, College of Charleston, 1770
Project for College of Charleston, built 1805 as University of South Carolina, Columbia (Robert Mills builder)
Project for Statehouse, Columbia, 1770, built (alt) ca. 1790, d 1865 (from Maryland) (James Hoban builder)
Drayton Hall Plantation, near Charleston, 1738 for John Drayton
Drayton Hall Plantation II, near Charleston, 1738 for John Drayton
Woodlands Plantation House, near Charleston, ?1740s, d 19th century
Charles Pinckney House, Charleston, 1744, altered in construction, d 1861
Dependencies & Stables, Middleton Place Plantation, Charleston, 1755, alt

Christ Church, Savannah, 1740s, built 1803, d 1837 (Adrien Boucher & Frederick Ball builders)
Governor’s Mansion, Savannah, ?1740s d 19th century
Possible project for Whitefield College, Bethesda, 1740s, abandoned 1770s (no illustration)
Exchange/Assembly Rooms, Savannah, 1756, d 1904

Somersall’s Plantation House “Orange Grove,” Flatts, ca.1747

[Spanish] Louisiana
British Market, New Orleans, 1747, d 1821
Larger Project for British Market, New Orleans, 1747, built 1791 as Cabildo and Presbytere, alt (Gilbert Guillemard builder)
Orleans Theatre, New Orleans, 1770s, built 1806, d 1816 (from New York City)

British West Florida
Market/Statehouse, Pensacola, 1764, built 1935 as US Courthouse, Tallahassee (Eric Kebbon builder)
Governor’s Mansion, Pensacola, 1764, built 1778 at Montmorency, Quebec, alt
Bringier Plantation House “Whitehall,” near Grand Gulf, Mississippi, 1770, d 19th century

British East Florida
Steeple, Saint Peter’s Church, St. Augustine, 1764, d 1784 (John Hewitt & Godfrey Humbert builders)
Steeple Project II, Saint Peter’s Church, St. Augustine, 1764, built on another church 20th century
Rebuilding Statehouse, Saint Augustine, 1764, d 1820
Governor John Moultrie Mansion, Saint Augustine, 1767 d 1783
Governor John Moultrie Garden Temple, Saint Augustine, 1770s, d 19th century

The Bahamas
Saint Matthew’s Church, Nassau, 1770s, built 1800, alt
Statehouse “Government House” Nassau, 1759 alt
Medium Statehouse Project, Senate Building, Nassau, 1759
Small Statehouse Project, Nassau, 1759, built 1923 as Supreme Court
Governor William Shirley Mansion, Nassau, 1759, d 19th century
Market Building, Nassau, 1767, alt, in ruins since 2001

Sephardic Synagogue, Kingston, 1750, d 1882
Governor Knowles Mansion, Kingston, 1752, d 19th century
Statehouse/Courthouse, Kingston, 1752, d 19th century
Market/Courthouse, Spanishtown, 1752, alt
Statehouse, Spanishtown, 1762, alt
Governor’s Mansion “King’s House,” Spanishtown, 1762, in ruins since 1925 (Thomas Craskell builder)
Government Offices, Spanishtown, 1762, in ruins since 1925
Douglass-Hallam Theatre, Kingston, 1775, d 1838
Montpelier Plantation House, near Montego Bay, 1738, d 19th century
Up-Park Plantation House, near Kingston, 1738, d 19th century
Thomas Hibberts House, Kingston, ca. 1763, alt
Clovelly House, Kingston, 18th century, d 19th century
Unidentified House, Kingston, 18th century, d 19th century

Chapel, Milot, near Cap Haitien, 1770
Market, Les Cayes, ca. 1770, d 20th century

British Virgin Islands
Governor’s Mansion, Roadtown, Tortola, ca. 1750, d ?1853

Sint Eustatius/Statia
Synagogue Honen Dalim, Oranjestad, ca. 1755 (ruins)

Saint Christopher’s/Saint Kitts
Governor’s Mansion, Basseterre, ca. 1760 d

Governor Herbert’s Mansion “Montpelier,” Charlestown, 1750s d

Statehouse, Saint John’s, ca. 1748
Barracks, Shirley Heights, 1773, built ca.1780 (from Portsmouth, Dominica)

Governor’s Mansion, Plymouth, ca. 1770, d 19th century

[British] Guadeloupe
Possible Statehouse project, Pointe-a-Pitre, 1762

Governor Thomas Shirley Mansion, Cabrits, Portsmouth, 1773, in ruins
Statehouse Project (3 designs), Portsmouth, 1773, built ca. 1780 as Barracks, Shirley Heights, Antigua

[British] Martinique
Statehouse/Courthouse, Fort Royal/Fort de France, 1762, d 19th century
Customhouse, Saint-Pierre, 1762, d 1902

Saint Vincent
Statehouse/Courthouse, Kingstown, 1764, alt

Steeple, Saint George’s Church, Saint George’s, 1764, alt, d 19th century
Governor Robert Melville Mansion, Saint George’s, 1764, alt
Statehouse, Saint George’s, 1764, alt

Synagogue Nidhe Israel, Bridgetown, 1750s, alt 1833
Rebuilding of Statehouse, Bridgetown, 1738, alt
Da Costa Office & Warehouse, Bridgetown, 1738
Rebuilding of Clifton House Plantation, Saint John ?1750s

Governor’s Mansion, Scarborough, ?1750s, d 1781

Dutch Reformed Church, Stabroeuk, which became Saint Andrew’s Kirk, Georgetown, 1811 alt (Joseph Hadfield builder)

Enlarging Synagogue Zedek ve Shalom, Paramaribo, 1738ff, not complete until 1830s
Synagogue Zedek ve Shalom II
Alternative Synagogue Project, Paramaribo, 1738, built 1834 as Lutheran Church (C. A. Roman builder)
New Front for Governor’s Mansion (now President’s House), Paramaribo, 1738, alt

[British] Senegal
Customhouse/Statehouse/Market, Saint-Louis, 1763, alt

Additions to Fort Metal Cross, Dixcove, 1748

Saint Helena
Saint James’ Church, Jamestown, 1764, built 1774, alt 19th century

Western India
The Secretary’s Office, Bombay/Mumbai, 1750s, d 19th century
Residence of Second in Council, Bombay/Mumbai, 1750s, d 19th century
Belvedere in Fort, Surat, 1759, d 19th century

Eastern India
Governor Robert Clive’s Garden House, Cuddalore, 1760s
Board of Trade Building, Madras/Chennai, 1750s, built ca. 1800 d 19th century
Governor Robert Clive House Terrace, Madras/Chennai, 1760s, alt
Council House, Vizagapatam, 1760s, d 19th century
Saint John’s Church, Calcutta, ca, 1770, built 1784, alt (Engineer James Agg builder)
Statehouse/Council House, Calcutta, 1764, d early 19th century (Engineer Fortnum builder)
Governor’s Mansion, Calcutta, 1767, d 19th century
College, Calcutta/Kolkata, ca. 1770, d 19th century
Courthouse of the Justices of the Peace, Calcutta, 1770s, d 19th century
New Courthouse, Calcutta/Kolkata, 1770s, d 19th century
Clive Street Theatre, Calcutta/Kolkata, 1770s, d 19th century
Governor Warren Hastings Country House “Belvedere,” Alipore, near Calcutta 1774 alt
Saint Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, Patna, 1770, alt (Engineer Edward Tirreta builder)

Porches for British and Dutch Hongs, Canton/Guangzhou, 1760s, d 1822
Pattern for other Hongs, Canton/Guangzhou, 1760s, d 1822
Front of French Hong, Canton/Guangzhou, 1760s, d 1822

Governor’s Mansion/Council House, Fort Marlborough, Bengkulu, 1760s, d 1807


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